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Google is leading the charge?
Published on March 29, 2008 By arthurmnev In The Environment

I got to Google and what do I see...


We've turned the lights out. Now it's your turn - Earth Hour.



To me seems like a slight hypocrisy going on... I need to turn the lights off and Google flips the color of the page.


Wait a minute - here is an idea Google:


Send a guy to the utility room next to your datacenter

Have him pull that big lever and keep it down for 1 hour.

Lead by example and I will follow …


Something tells me that won’t happen, after all, that would mean Google is going to lose the $$$. That cannot be allowed.


Equally as Al Gore takes a private jet over to wherever he is going. But that's OK as well; He is doing it for the common good, - in return he will pay to his own company to offset the carbon footprint.


Seems like the same thing over and over again – “I preach you suffer the consequences.."



God, I'm so tired of this lunacy.




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